Interested In Leading An Alanonathon Meeting?

It’s simple! Contact the Al-Anon Subcommittee to provide us with your contact information and the topic of the meeting(s) you would like to lead. Only your first name and last initial will appear below and on the topic boards placed outside of the Alanonathon meeting rooms during Soberfest.

See below for available timeslots where no chairperson is listed.


5:00 PMLove
6:00 PMThe 3 C’s
7:00 PMMain Speaker-no meeting
10:00 PMAcceptance


12:00 AMAttitude
6:00 AMChoices
7:30 AM -9:00 AMWorkshop: Surviving the Holidays with the Traditions.
Bring your issues to the workshop.
9:30 AMMain Speaker-no meeting
11:00 AMService
12:00 PMKeep it simple
1-3 PMMain speaker-no meeting
3:00 PMPowerless
4:00 PMWillingness
5:00 PMAlanon – a way of life
6-10 PMMain speaker-no meeting
10:00 PMOne day at a time
11:00 PMHonesty with self


12:00 AMGratitude
7:00 AMSponsor
8:00 AMSerenity