McHenry’s Soberfest

Dear Mchenry Soberfest Family,

Soberfest Planning Committee Meetings have moved! We will be meeting at the Villa Desiderata Retreat Center located at 3015 North Bayview Lane, McHenry, IL 60051. Meetings are held at 7:30 PM every other Wednesday.
We still have open positions if you are interested in being a part of our committee:
Public Info Co-Chair
Meditation Co-Chair
Volunteers Co-Chair
Archives Co-Chair


Online registration is now open!

Resort Reservations are available for the 2022 Soberfest event! Check out Resort Reservations to reserve your stay!

McHenry’s Soberfest is an annual conference put on by the McHenry’s Soberfest Group of Alcoholics Anonymous Northern Illinois Area 20. If you are wanting to talk to someone about your or a loved one’s drinking or drug use, please see the links to our Friends.

McHenry’s Soberfest has meetings and activities for AA members, Al-Anon members, Alateens, and our guests.  There are AA and Al-Anon speakers Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Join us for our Saturday evening banquet and speaker.  Even if you don’t register for the banquet, you can still hear all the speakers and dance the night away.  There are even shops with recovery-related jewelry, clothing, and literature.

Alcathons and Alanonathons

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Speakers

Saturday Night Banquet, Speaker, and Dance

Panels, Fellowship

AA and Al-Anon Archives

AA and Al-Anon Literature

Hospitality Suite

11th Step Prayer & Meditation Room

Step Workshop

Recovery Gift Shops

We welcome behavioral health professionals, members of other recovery programs who find strength in AA’s 12 Steps, guests who are interested in recovery programs, and all our family and friends!

"We Have To Live It"

The theme of the 33rd Annual McHenry’s Soberfest is "We Have To Live It".  

“…So we clean house with the family, asking each morning in meditation that our Creator show us the way of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love.
The spiritual life is not a theory. We have to live it.” – Alcoholics Anonymous (4th ed.), Chapter 6, ‘Into Action’,  pg. 83

Want to help plan for the 33rd Annual McHenry’s Soberfest? Join the committee at Villa Desiderata Retreat Center at 7:30 on any of our meeting nights.