McHenry Soberfest Themes and Colors

McHenry’s Soberfest themes come directly from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Select a theme to see the banner ribbon for that year.




1990 Happy Joyous Free Dark Blue/Light Blue
1991 Came to Believe Black/Yellow
1992 There is a Solution Blue/Light Gray
1993 Willing to Grow Dark Green/Light Beige
1994 A Vision for You Maroon/Gray
1995 Recovery Unity Service Dark Blue/Aqua
1996 Road of Happy Destiny Green/Dark Beige
1997 Fellowship of the Spirit Violet/Light Purple
1998 More will be Revealed Maroon/Blue on Beige
1999 A Design for Living Teal/Gold on Beige
2000 The Family Afterwards Royal Blue/Red on Gold
2001 Carry this Message Lavender/Wine on Peach
2002 A New Freedom Sky Blue/Royal Blue on White
2003 The Steps We Took Brown/Gold
2004 Into Action Red/Black on White
2005 Shore of Faith Orange on Purple
2006 We Will Know Peace Ivory/Black/Liberty Blue
2007 A Daily Reprieve Teal/Yellow/Green on White
2008 We Stood and the Turning Point Brown/Tan/Salmon
2009 Working with Others Green/Emerald Green/White
2010 The Age of Miracle Blue/Gold/Brown
2011 Rocketed Into a Fourth Dimension Fuchsia/Gray
2012 We Have a Way Out Dark Blue/Gray
2013 We Aren’t A Glum Lot Purple/Yellow
2014 Growth Has Only Begun Silver/Green
2015 The Key to the Future Red/Gold
2016 Experience, Strength, and Hope Red/Blue
2017 Primary Purpose Yellow/Blue
2018 Ain’t it Grand Carmine/Yellow
2019 How It Works Light Blue/Gray/Black
2020 Serenity Prayer Red/White
2021 A Spiritual Awakening Lavender/Yellow/Red
2022 We have to live it Orange and Blue
2023 Love and tolerance  Blue and white
2024 We will be amazed Black and yellow

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