Hospitality Suite

The Hospitality Suite is in a new location this year – room 4211. It’s larger, closer to the action, and more accessible!

Groups from all around Northeastern Illinois look forward to you joining them for snacks and conversation. A great place to meet old friends and make new ones. Enjoy the fellowship of the AA and Al-Anon programs in our new, expanded, Hospitality Suite.

Hospitality Suite Sponsoring Groups

Day Time Host Group Name Meeting Day & Time
Friday 3-5 pm McHenry’s Soberfest Hospitality Committee McHenry’s Soberfest Committee
Friday 5-7 pm
Friday 7-9 pm
Friday 9-11 pm McHenry’s Soberfest Al-Anon Committee McHenry’s Soberfest Committee
Fri / Sat 11pm – 1am
Saturday 1-7 am Closed
Saturday 7-9 am
Saturday 9-11 am
Saturday 11am – 1pm
Saturday 1-3 pm
Saturday 3-5 pm
Saturday 5-7 pm
Saturday 7-9 pm
Saturday 9-11 pm
Sat / Sun 11pm -1am
Sunday 1-7 am Closed
Sunday 7-9 am