The Alcathon subcommittee presents non-stop open meetings during the entire Conference (except during the featured speakers), utilizing the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, as the primary source of topics. All are welcome to attend!

Want to lead an Alcathon meeting? If there is no leader listed, feel free to sign up. Contact the McHenry’s Soberfest Alcathon subcommittee if you would like to volunteer. Tell us which meeting you’d like to lead and provide us with your name and hometown. We would also like a phone number and e-mail address so we can contact you if there are issues. Only your first name and last initial will appear here and on the topic boards that will be placed outside the Alcathon rooms.

Although most of the Alcathon topics are pre-selected, if you wish to change the topic or if you have a topic for an open discussion meeting that you want to lead, please let us know your preference along with your contact information.

We encourage AA groups to sign up and bring their meeting format! Does your group speak as the spirit moves you? Maybe you read the Big Book and comment. Sign up for an Alcathon hour and show others how your group runs its meetings.

Alcathon Schedules for 32nd Annual Mchenry Soberfest November 19th-21st, 2021 at the Grand Geneva Spa and Resort;

Evergreen Room 1

Evergreen Room 2

** If you or your Homegroup would like to submit a request to take an open slot to lead a meeting in the Alacathon for Soberfest, please submit your request from the Evergreen Room 1 & 2 schedule page or HERE.

Click the following link to contact the McHenry’s Soberfest >>Alcathon subcommittee << if you would like to volunteer.